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Welcome to CPR Test Center. Employers trust CPR Test Center because our training follows the nationally accepted procedures and techniques. When a person is not breathing, permanent brain damage begins after 4 minutes and death in 6 minutes after that. Can you count on help arriving before that time? The average time for an Emergency Medical Services unit to arrive on scene in Rodeo is 8 to 14 minutes. Schools, public places, and many businesses have AEDs. Do you know what it is and how to use it when someone suffers a cardiac emergency?

• Learn at your own pace
• Pause and resume as needed
• Clear and concise information
• Covers CPR, AED, First Aid, OSHA 1910.1030

• Test any time
• Free re-test until you pass
• Open book, use your notes
• Earn 1.0 CEU course credit

• Print your certificate instantly
• Receive your certification card in 2-5 days
• Valid for 2 years
• Nationally accepted

    Karen W. says, "Having the knowledge to potentially save a person's life is priceless!"

    Leti S. says, "This is the first time I've taken an online course and actually learned."

    Julia G. says, "Thank you for helping me get re-certified. I didn't have to miss work."

    Richard B. says, "We are a small medical supply store and we are using you to certify all of our staff."

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